A New Way to Live

As Romans 12:1 says, giving your life to the Holy Spirit is a decision…a free choice for you to make. It is done by simply putting your life into the hands of a trustworthy God.

Just as you came to Christ by faith for the forgiveness of your sins, you must by faith ask the Holy Spirit to control your life. When you think of what He has done for you…and how much He loves you…is there any other choice?

In response to Christ’s love for you, simply pray the following:

“Dear Lord, I want You to change my life from being self-centered into one that is Christ-centered. I confess my sinful thoughts and actions, and give You, Holy Spirit, control of my life right now.”

If you sincerely spoke those words to your Lord, you are ready for extreme living!

Q What does this commitment mean to you? _________________________________________________________


You are now ready for the Holy Spirit to connect the other pieces of the “puzzle.” In the next lesson you will see how trusting his Word empowers you with the extreme power of God Himself!

So…How Welcome is Jesus in Your House?

Are you afraid that Jesus will take all the fun out of your life? Do you keep Him out of the main rooms of your “house”, perhaps in the garage?

Jesus will not force himself into any room in your house–but He will patiently work in your life to prove that He can make every part of your life totally extreme!

Don’t blame yourself when your emotions lead you to deliberately sin and disobey God. Although you may suffer the pain and consequences of those decisions, God has ways of transforming your cocoa beans into chocolate.

He will take you just as you are…and begin re-weaving the strands in your life…when you come back to Him in confession and repentance.

Spend some time thinking about how much Jesus loves you, and what He did for you on the cross.

If you haven’t made Him feel welcome, now would be a good time to tell Him you want to change that!

Q What did you tell Him? _________________________________________________________




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