Faith — The Key to Walking in the Spirit

In lesson two, you learned several things that the Holy Spirit does for you:

  • He lives in you, and gives you Christ’s nature.
  • He is your best friend and Lord.
  • He molds you into Christ’s image.
  • He directs your paths.
  • He controls you when you yield to Him.
  • He offers joy, peace, contentment, love, hope, and power to live for Him.

What does Hebrews 11:6 say about faith? _________________________________________________________


It is by faith that God’s extreme power is available to you!

“Pumped”…But No Power

Jesus was giving his disciples final instructions before He went back to his Father. They were all totally “pumped” after his resurrection…and ready to give up everything to follow Him.

But Jesus knew they were not ready. Even after three years of his training and discipling them they didn’t have the strength to live the life He had called them to live. They would fail miserably if they tried to live for Christ in their own strength!

Jesus knew they needed his power. He told them: “But you are to be given power when the Holy Spirit has come to you” (Acts 1:8).

Feelings Are Fickle

Many believers have mistaken the Holy Spirit’s power for an emotional feeling or euphoria. Sadly, when the emotions and feelings depart…they think they have lost the Holy Spirit’s power. They don’t believe God’s promise: “I will never leave or forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).

Can you think of a time when you wanted the Holy Spirit to “pump you up” with “feelings”? _________________________________________________________


Q Why are feelings not enough? _________________________________________________________


The power the Holy Spirit brings to you is much more than emotions or feelings…although they may be part of it. He brings you his power so that you can live the extreme life Christ has planned for you.

  • Power to abide in Christ and love others.
  • Power to overcome trials.
  • Power to overcome temptation.
  • Power to overcome sin.
  • Power to produce fruit.
  • Power to obey Christ.

Jesus does not give you a list of rules to follow. Rather, He empowers you by his Holy Spirit to live a life of obedience.

Extreme Living…Your Choice

Every moment of your life, the Holy Spirit is waiting to guide you into extreme living. But, He always allows you free choice.

The Apostle Paul (formerly named Saul) had been a strong opponent of the early Christians. As a high-ranking Jewish leader, he was angry at everything Christians stood for…and wanted to abolish Christianity and the worship of Christ, even having Christians put to death.

“On his way to Damascus, Jesus miraculously appeared to him in a vision. When Paul heard and saw Jesus…recognizing Him as Lord…he asked Jesus, ‘What will You have me to do?’” (Acts 9:6).

Paul’s attitude of willingness to serve Christ is what God wants from you.

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