The Bible—God’s Love Letter to You!

If you received a special letter or email from Jesus…telling you how much He loves you…and giving you the guidance and direction you need for your daily issues…would you read it? Would you keep it, cherish it, memorize it, and continually think about it?

That’s exactly what the Bible is…it’s God’s love letter to you! God’s Word is as important to your Christian growth as milk is to a new baby. It is a vital “piece” of the “puzzle”.

Before You Start

Begin this lesson by obtaining a Bible with good references and helps. You may find a modern translation easier to understand. In addition, you may want to find a copy of What the Bible Is All About by Henrietta Mears, which will give you insight into understand the Bible.

The Bible is God’s “Road Map” for Your Life

If you were trying to drive to a distant small town you had never been to before…would you drive by your emotions and instincts…or would you look at a road map?

While the road map won’t tell you what’s just around the curve, or how bumpy the road is…it will keep you from heading in the wrong direction, giving you guidance for your trip.

The Bible provides the “road map” for your journey with God. It gives you God’s wonderful promises for each step of the way. In this lesson you will learn how to use this map to help you grow and become more mature in Christ.

“The road of life can be a baffling route indeed: smooth at times, but sometimes full of potholes…one day a well marked expressway, the next a maze of detours. But your heavenly Father has provided a road map—the Bible—to keep you moving in the right direction.” (Closer Walk New Testament)

Changing Habits

Every day you do things out of habit. You get up, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, go to school, go to work, etc.

In order to make God’s Word part of your life—you need to make it one of your daily habits. Pick a time, (mornings work best for many people), then pick a quiet spot and spend time reading the Bible and thinking about how it applies to your life. Once you have done it for thirty days, you will have established a habit that will change your life!

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