Power Over Bondage

In 1977, New York City was in turmoil because a troubled twenty four year old man, David Berkowitz, who the media labeled, “Son of Sam”, went on a killing spree. His target was young women, and before he was finally caught, five young women and one man were dead.

During his time in prison, he was approached by a young prisoner named Ricky Lopez, who told David that regardless of what he had done, Jesus loved him and died for him.

Ricky gave David a Bible. As David Berkowitz read the Bible, God’s power began breaking him of his addiction and bondage. In time, the Word of God brought him to a point of complete repentance—and the “Son of Sam” surrendered his life completely to Christ.

Today, David Berkowitz is the Chaplain’s Assistant at Sullivan Correctional Facility. (Read this, and other stories of God’s transforming power in Fresh Power, by Jim Cymbala.)

David Berkowitz was transformed because he replaced man’s viewpoint with God’s viewpoint. And, He believed God’s viewpoint! He put the right “stuff ” in his VAT.

So…Are you Letting God’s Word Change Your VAT?

…and Your Life?

Getting rid of the “junk” in your VAT, and replacing it with God’s Word takes time. The amount of time you commit to the Bible is probably the single best indicator of your walk with Christ, and the best predictor of your future growth in Christ.

“Let the words of Christ, in all their richness, live in your hearts, and make you wise. Use His words to teach and counsel each other….” a
Col. 3:16

All the “pieces” of the “puzzle” required to make your life in Christ awesome…depend on your commitment to God’s Word.

As you run the race God has set ahead of you, make sure your roots are deeply planted in God’s Word…just like this tree that survives and grows out of this dry rock…because its roots tap deep into the soil below.

Q Read Psalm 1.1-3, and write your thoughts:



Q How are your roots doing?



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