Making the Pieces Fit

In some ways, Extreme Living is like a puzzle, with the various “pieces” of experiencing God coming together to help us know Him in a deeper way. The pieces are the Holy Spirit, faith, God’s Word, prayer, fellowship, and obedience. Each one of these “pieces” is interrelated, and works in conjunction with the other “pieces” to strengthen our walk with Christ. The more time you spend in understanding and applying what God’s Word says about each “piece’, the more extreme your life with Christ will become.

However, these “pieces” will only fit together if the “puzzle frame” is in place. In this illustration, the “frame” means that you have put your faith in Jesus Christ and you are one of his children. Without the “frame” none of the “pieces” will fit.

Connecting the Pieces

Once you have put your faith in Jesus Christ, you will want to learn how to live the amazing life He has planned for you. Get ready for extreme living as you connect the “pieces” of His plan for you.

Running a Marathon

If you have made the decision to receive Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord, you have begun an exciting journey with Christ that will never end.

The Christian life is more like a marathon than a sprint. At the beginning of a race, competitors always feel great and have lots of energy. However, you can’t expect the emotions that you are feeling as you begin your walk with Christ to carry you through when the pressures of daily life are upon you.

Running a marathon requires a great deal of time in training. But training time definitely pays off in helping a runner to run a better race.

In order for you to run your best race for Christ, you also need to spend time in training. It takes daily discipline to put God into our days. Set your sights on Christ at the finish line…and run your race to win! God wants you to be a winner in the Christian life, and is totally committed to your success, and His Holy Spirit will empower you and help you during each mile you run in life.